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Meet the dedicated team of Kanzuliman Foundation

Mohammad Yasir Raza
Vice President & Head Curator (Literature & Research)
As a Vice President (literature & research) for Kanzuliman Foundation, Mohammad Yasir Hails from Banda a prominent capital city of Bundelkhand in U.P. An experienced academic professional who is currently serving as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Department of Integral University, Lucknow, India. He is a known figure among the section of Sunnis closely associated with Taleem (education). He is famous for his research papers on Islamic and Technology published in various reputed National & International Journals. Yasir is also a registered member of IAENG (International Association of Engineers), Hong Kong, SESI (Solar Energy Society of India). His recent research paper on Razwiyāt was published in the International Journal of American Research Insitute for Policy Development.
Sayyed Haider Ali
Skill Development Coordinator (IT)
As a Head Skill Development Coordinator (IT Skills) for Kanzuliman Haider has a history of professional achievements. A Bachelor in Information Technology Haider had been associated with several top IT companies in India. An experienced professional with more than 5 years of experience in the field of IT as a Java developer has a passion for helping his community to grow in every aspect. Haider hails from Bareilly and thus is a devoted follower of Barelvi ideas and likes to help fellow Sunnis in acquiring modern skills necessary for employment in this modern era. His diverse knowledge, skills and expertise in various fields have created a big impact on organizations wherever he worked. Haider currently live in Delhi, India and likes to travel and explore the beautiful creation of Allah around the globe.
Tasleem Raza Khan
Treasurer & Coordinator (Social activities)
As a treasurer and coordinator for social welfare initiatives at Kanzuliman, Tasleem Raza is a man behind curtains taking care of the expenses on Kanzuliman. A commerce graduate and Masters in Social Work Tasleem Raza is a core organizational asset having an experience of more than 5 years working with various social NGOs of North India. His love and devotion to Aalahazrat and his lineage is engrossed in him since childhood. He enjoys spending time with Sufia, Ulama and has an honour of serving a long time in the service of Huzoor Habeeb-ul-Ulama Allama Habeeb Raza Khan Alaihir’rahma – the younger brother of Huzoor Sadrululama Mufti Muhammad Tehseen Raza Khan Muhaddis Barelvi Alaihir’Rahma
Saleem Tehsini
Coordinator (Delhi & NCR)
As a coordinator for National Capital Region and General Secretary for New Delhi centre of Kanzuliman, Saleem Tehsini is a talented designer from Delhi. Having an extensive experience of promoting Maslak of Aalahazrat from grass root level his ideas and dedication are inspirational and are acknowledged among prominent Sunni figures. His professional expertise includes a master talent in the field of fashion designing (Zari and Zardozi fabric art). A Mureed of Huzoor Sadrulama, Saleem Tehsini is always ready to cherish the name of his Spiritual Master through the service of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah. Saleem is passionate about Kanzuliman and has been very supportive throughout the initiatives and is dedicated to taking this service to new heights.
Shabana Shaikh
Digital Marketing Coordinator
As a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Kanzuliman, Shabana has an extensive experience of 6 years in the field of Digital Marketing. She is a professional executive in a multinational company in Gurgaon. Her love and passion for Aalahazrat motivated her to get associated with Kanzuliman where she is helping to promote the message of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah through her experience, expertise and skills. She also an in-charge of Kanzuliman's separate section for women "Islh al-Muslimah" Bachelors in commerce and an MBA Shabana hails from Delhi. She truly believes that it is important to be an active member of the community, inspiring the younger generation and continuously sharing knowledge, experience and information.
Muhammad Faimy Tehsini
Secretary - Youth & Media (Bareilly)
As a Secretary - Youth & Media (Bareilly) for Kanzuliman, Muhammad Faimy hails from Bareilly Shareef, he is a Mureed of Huzoor Sadrululama Allama Tehseen Raza Khan Alaihir'Rahma and is among the flag bearers of rising youth activism for social and humanitarian causes in the city. His love for Aalahazrat motivated him to join the literary movement of Kanzuliman. With a determined heart and positive approach, Faimy looks forward to leading the youth of Bareilly towards education and ground ideas of Sunni Islam. He likes to spend time in the service of Ulama and learning Ilm-e-Deen. On the professional front, Faimy has an expertise in Sales and Marketing with over 3 years of experience working with tech giant Samsung.
Sayyed Tabrez Ali Hashmi
Coordinator - Professional Skills
As a coordinator - Professional Skills for Kanzuliman, Sayyed Tabrez Ali Hashmi is a dynamic personality. A bachelor in Science from Aligarh Muslim University with a Masters in Computer Applications from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi Sayyed Tabrez has a legacy of academic and professional achievements. He is soft at heart and likes to help fellow Muslims in every possible aspect of life. With Kanzuliman he aims at delivering professional skill training with a motive of upskilling and increasing employability ratio among the Muslim community. A Mureed of Nakhshbandiya spiritual chain Sayyed Tabrez hails from Jhansi, a prominent city in southern Bundelkhand region. He finds peace in sacred traditions and loves visiting Mausoleums of Awliya-e-Izaam.
Atif Mustafa Azhari
Campus Secretary - Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)
As a secretary and representative at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for Kanzuliman Atif Mustafa Azhari is a young talented individual who finds peace and motivation in supporting his Deen. He is currently pursuing an M.Tech and plan for a PhD in future. Atif is Bait from Taj'al'Shari'āh and wishes to support Maslak of Aalahazrat in every way possible. His other interest lies in Chemistry, GEopolitics, History of Islam and Theology. As a motivator for youth Atif strongly believes that channelizing the energy of the youth towards constructive ideas can create a lot of difference for Ahlesunnah Wal Jama'ah. Atif hails from Bulandsheher (U.P) and he is a great supporter of the ideas - Taleem, Ilm & Razawiyāt.
Atif Javed
Coordinator (Web Portal)
Waquar Hussain
Joint Secretary
Maulana Rizwan
Shahrukh Malik
Coordinator - Razawiyāt & IT (International Relations)
Tauheed Raza
Head Office Coordinator - Bareilly Shareef
Junaid Ahmad
Youth Coordinator - Shahjahanpur
Aisha SiddiqUa
Coordinator - Islahul Muslima
Fardeen Ahmad Khan Razvi
R&D Executive(PRO)