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Sunni Professional Summit – 02-9-2018

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Sunni Professional Summit, New Delhi | 02-09-2018


Published on 02nd October 2018


On Sunday, 02nd September 2018, Kanzuliman Foundation has organised its first “Sunni Professional Summit” – Connections at New Delhi, with an intent to build networking and strong coordination among Sunni professionals.

A panel of 12 Sunni Professionals of different sectors including Public and Private into respective Engineering fields, Information Technology, Computer Science, Civil, Electrical Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunications others expertise into Human Resource, Finance, Accounts and Management, Marketing and Business Administration, Journalism, Press and Media, Islamic scholar, Islamic Institutions Director and Principal all gathered together on an event to discuss, to help and facilitate job prospects to the Sunni Brothers and Sisters and Job Change opportunity to the working professionals in different sectors and companies.

The meeting was held at AWFIS, Connaught Palace, New Delhi, started around IST 11:30hours beginning with Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Paak by Brother Saquib Azhari. The opening of the meeting was led by Engineer Amir Hussain Tehsini, President of Kanzuliman Foundation and moderated by Engineer Maqsood Aalam, Chairperson, Advisory Board of Kanzuliman Foundation followed by Mohammad Saleem Tehsini, Media Coordinator of Kanzuliman Foundation, New Delhi Branch.

After an individual interaction session with respective attendees during the summit, the session was further preceded by the presentation with an introduction of Kanzuliman Foundation and its Mission and Vision elucidated by Engineer Maqsood Aalam.

Further the 10 – Points Plan of AalaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Alaihir’Rahma) along with the caption of Kanzuliman Foundation i.e. Taleem, Ilm and Razawiyat was briefly explained by Engineer Amir Hussain Tehsini and expounded by Engineer Maqsood Aalam.  The valuable words and testimonials from Kanzuliman associates, supporters, concubines, and well-wishers were also added flair to the meet, the current projects for fiscal year 2018 was delivered which is as follows:

  1. Model Islamic & Modern Education Institute in Bareilly Sharif
  2. Educational Curriculum – Syllabus
  3. Kanzuliman – Jobs Portal
  4. Kanzuliman – Matrimony Services
  5. Islah–ul–Muslima Section for Sunni Muslim Girls, Women & Ladies
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Digital Catalogue – Largest Database of Sunni Literature available online by 100th Urs of Aalahazrat
  8. Global Volunteering Program for 100th Urs of Aalahazrat
  9. Research Section – Archiving & Publishing of 100 Research Article including the 25 PhD Thesis on Aalahazrat – Professor Yasir Raza

The work calendar for year 2018 was discussed where entire Kanzuliman Foundation’s team, representatives, members, associates and volunteer’s work assignment, plan, programme, execution and supervision of their roles and responsibilities were progressively brought to light in practical working at ground level with Kanzuliman. During this session a coffee break with networking activity was conceded in continuation.

After a break discussion on this day’s agenda of the “Sunni Professional Summit” was further carried out by Engineer Maqsood Aalam, in which following recommendations were discussed in brief:

  1. Build Networking among Sunni Professionals
  • Discussion/Brainstorming to explore new ideas and formation of a professional alliance.
  • Announcement of a Sunni professional alliance


 2. Fresher’s - Facilitation and Guidance for Career Opportunities

  • Career Guidance Team of Experienced Industry Professionals
  • Facilitation on Job Openings (Fresher’s Referrals)
  • Career Guidance, Skill Development & Employability


3. Experienced – Build a Common Platform for Experienced Professionals

  • To Explore Job Opportunities, Career Guidance and Up-Skilling
  • Facilitation of Professionals looking for a Job Change to Network with other Professionals and get Referrals


4. Execution Plan of the above said Points

  • Professional Alliance Execution and Work Formulation
  • Profiling of Sunni Professionals placed in different Companies, Corporates, and Industries across the globe – SPOC?
  • Official announcement of Kanzuliman’s Jobs Portal – Live date latest by – 22th September 2018 | Yaum-e-Aashura
  • Currently, Kanzuliman has a network of members working for Fortune 500 companies to organisations like Big 4.


Kanzuliman Foundation got a commendable response from the panel of professionals who appreciated such a thirsty, essential and most desired and required initiative for Sunni Students and Professionals across the country within the world of Ahlus Sunnah. The panellist further expressed their complete support and took it as their responsibility of the noble cause for the upliftment of Sunni Brothers and Sisters in Islam in one’s career counselling, career guidance, job prospects and their future endeavours.

Hence, finally after mutual apprehension and personal desire for Khidmat-e-De’en for the betterment in the field of education and job profession of Indian Sunni Minority Muslims with Kanzuliman Foundation, the Professional Alliance was selected among the attendees physically present during “Sunni Professional Summit” who are as follows:

Kanzuliman Professional Alliance Formation –

  • Chairperson – Janab Mahfooz Aalam Sahab
  • Resource Scrutiny / Shortlisting – Janab Saquib Siddiqui Sahab and Janab Laiq Saifee Sahab
  • Career Guidance – Janab Mahfooz Aalam Sahab
  • Professional Data Profiling – Janab Amir Hussain Sahab
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Preparation – Sayyed Shafa’at Rassol Sahab
  • Reporting & Final Analysis – Janab Maqsood Aalam Sahab

All the above professionals with Kanzuliman Foundation are expertise in their respective fields of engineering background from India’s top engineering colleges/ universities, having professional working experiences between 10-15 years and above, in reputed MNC’s, Corporates, Public and Private Sectors serving across the country in different departments.

The Professional Summit at New Delhi with formation of Professional Alliance was Alhumdulliaha, successfully concluded by IST 14:30hours with the above agreed agenda and distribution of responsibilities thru virtuous, honest, sincere efforts of every induvial and by the will of Al’laah Az’zawazal; closing this day of Professional Summit, pleasantly culminating with Duaa made by Allama Abdul Jaleel Nizami Sahab, Director of Gulshan-e-Fatima Technical Institute, Pilibhit Sharif, U.P. clinched with vote of thanks and regards.

List of attendees of first “Sunni Professional Summit” – Connections at New Delhi:




01Mohammad Maqsood Aalam 

Gangtok, Sikkim


02Mohammad Rashid 

Pilibhit Sahrif, U.P.


03Mohammad Mahfooz Alam 

Chattarpur, New Delhi


04Mohammad Kamran Khan 

Okhla, Delhi


05Mohammad Shamshad Alam 

Badarpur, Delhi


06Mohammad Saleem Tehsini 

Zakir Nagar, New Delhi


07Mohammad Saquib Siddiqui 

Shaheen Bagh, Delhi


08Changez Ayyubey 

Dilshad Garden, Delhi


09Laiq Saifee 

Mehrauli, Delhi


10Mohammad Arif Ansari 

Zakir Nagar, New Delhi


11Abdul Jalil Nizami 

Pilibhit Sahrif, U.P.


12Amir Hussain Tehsini

Bareilly Sharif, U.P.

Authored and Compiled by:

Engineer Maqsood Aalam Sahab

Chairman, Advisory Board

Kanzuliman Foundation

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