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Planning Meet, Delhi – 05-08-2018

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Kanzuliman Planning Meet, New Delhi | 05-08-2018


Published on 15th August 2018

On Sunday, 05th August 2018, Kanzuliman Islamic Library has organized a “Planning Meet” in New Delhi; with 20 Sunni Intellectuals from 10 major cities and 5 different states across the country.

A panel of 20 Sunni highbrows includes Islamic scholar, Islamic Preachers, Social activists, Engineer, Doctor, Students, Professionals and Business tycoons were gathered together to discuss and plan the roadmap of Kanzuliman Islamic Library for Taleem, Ilm and Razawiyat in the light of 10 – Points Plan of AalaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Alaihir’Rahma).

The meeting was started around IST 11:00 am with Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Paak by Mohammad Rizwan followed by Naat Khawani by brother Atif Mustafa Azhari. The opening of the meeting was led by Engineer Amir Hussain Tehsini with individual attendees’ introduction part. After the interaction session, the introduction of Kanzuliman Islamic Library was briefed by him.

To make one more understand the introduction of Kanzuliman Islamic Library, which can be referred to our website http://www.kanzuliman.org/ few words are added here which is as follows:

“Kanzuliman” is named after the famous translation of the Al’Quran, translated by A’la Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Radi’Allahu’Taála’Anhu.

Kanzuliman Islamic Library was started in the year 2006. It was the year when one of the most respected scholars of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah in the sub-continent, the Grandson of Aalahazrat & Huzoor Ustad-e-Zaman Huzoor Sadrululama Hazrat Allama Tehseen Raza Khan Muhaddis Barelvi Alaihir’rahma awarded his blessed Patronage to Kanzuliman Islamic Library.

The library was started in a small room at Raza Chowk, Sailani, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA) with a set of merely 50 books, however, today the library holds a treasure of more than 2000+ hardbound titles (books) listed across various shelves and are categorised under various subjects of Islam concerning Aqa’id (Beliefs), Fiqā’h (Islamic Jurisprudence), Hadith (Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad – Sallallahu’Alaihi’Wasallam), Tasawwuf (Spirituality), Usool (Principles), Nazariya (Theory), Seerah (Biography), Tareekh (History), Fatawa (Islamic Decrees) including few titles on modern subjects.

During the intro session of Kanzulimān Islamic Library; it’s Mission and Vision were also described which is as follows:

Kanzuliman aims at working on the legacy and teachings of Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Alaihir’Rahma. In order to achieve our objectives (Taleem, Ilm & Razawiyā) we align our mission & vision in accordance to that of Aalahazrat’s 10-Point plan for the revival of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah.

Here are the 10 – Points Plan of AalaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Alaihir’Rahma) for the revival of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah:

After the brief discussion and planning with the above 10 – Points Plan of AalaHazrat, Kanzuliman Islamic Library also streamlined its last seven months of journey and services and delivered its Present Assets and Achievements.

Current projects of Kanzuliman Islamic Library for the Fiscal Year 2018:

  1. Model Islamic & Modern Education Institute in Bareilly Shareef
  2. Educational Curriculum – Syllabus
  3. Kanzuliman – Jobs Portal
  4. Kanzuliman – Matrimony Services
  5. Islah – ul – Muslima Section for Muslim Girls, Ladies & Women
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Digital Catalogue – the Largest database of Sunni Literature available online by 100th URS of Aalahazrat.
  8. Global Volunteering Program for 100th URS of Aalahazrat
  9. Research Section – archiving & publishing of 100 research article including 25 PhD Thesis on Aalahazrat – Yasir Raza

Continuing with discussion hours on the Agenda of the Kanzuliman Planning Meet, Engineer Amir Hussain also briefed about the:

  • Organizational Framework & Operational Strategy Planning
  1. Formal Work Distribution
  2. Responsibility Holding
  • Support Structure - Financial cum Revenue Generation Model
  1. Professional Contribution
  2. Jobs Service
  3. Matrimony Service
  4. Active Volunteer Contribution
  • IT Asset Workshop
  1. Portal overview
  2. G – Sheets
  3. Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Review of Activities
  • Work Calendar Planning – FY 2018


Round 1

During the discussion in Round – 1 on ‘Agenda’ it was almost the lunch hour and a lunch-break was taken and Zuhar Salah was offered in Jamaah. The arrangement of lunch was also organized by the team of Kanzuliman Islamic Library.

After Zuhar Salah and Lunch break; the meeting was resumed with and following core members of Kanzuliman Islamic Library who further suggested and added their valuable points on Agenda.

Engineer Maqsood Aalam - From the panel of Sunni Intellectuals across the country during Kanzuliman Planning Meet at New Delhi, Engineer Maqsood Aalam an Islamic Orator, a Social Activist, a Motivational Speaker and a professional with NHAI, New Delhi from state Sikkim and a sensible board of member from Advisory Council with Kanzuliman Islamic Library discussed:

  1. On the Planning and Strategy of Kanzuliman Islamic Library establishment of an operational centralized set-up in the capital state (New Delhi) of the country (INDIA) to facilitate Sunni students of Madrassas, Schools, Colleges and Universities online and offline with respect to career counselling, future and Fikr-e-Islam, Maslak-e-AalaHazrat.
  2. Utilization of Print Media and Social Media about Kanzuliman Islamic Library and new joiners to spread the 10 – Points Plan of AalaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Alaihir’Rahma) for the revival of Ahle’Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.
  3. More new joiners with Kanzuliman Islamic Library to be benefited and promoted to a better society in all aspects.

Janab Atif Mustafa a core member of Kanzuliman Islamic Library, an M.Sc. student from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh suggested: –

  1. Distribution of free Islamic literature among the students and conduct seminars for the students of Madrasa from city to rural areas and University students for filling the gaps between them.
  2. Lectures on the importance of knowledge and education in rural areas according to demography, where the literacy rate is too low among the Sunni Muslims.
  3. Assistance in collaboration with Madrassas for the career and better future of Madaaris students, Rehabilitation centres for Madaaris students, regular quizzes, permissible innovations and scholarships.

Mohammad Saleem Tehsini Saheb our core committee another member an Entrepreneur, a Social Activist and a Politically Approached Personality from New Delhi and our Delhi & NCR Center–in–charge and Social Media Coordinator with Kanzuliman Islamic Library added: –

  1. To deploy a media coordinator at every Units/ Branches of Kanzuliman Islamic Library so that the 10 – Points of AalaHazrat through Kanzuliman Islamic Library can be reached to the Sunni students of Madaris, Schools, Colleges; and can reach to more and more students for their better understanding and decision making in their bright career and future ahead.
  2. Kanzuliman Islamic Library to reach among more and more students, studying in colleges and universities and joining with professionals, organizing meeting and students open discussion and talks for their skills development and future options.

Janab Waquar Hussain our core member as Control and Instrumentation Engineer with Cleena Industries Limited, Roorkee, Dehradun and Skill Development Trainer (IoT) & Student Co-ordinator with Kanzuliman Islamic Library also added:

  1. To set-up more units/ centres/ branches in states, cities, villages and rural areas united with Sunni masjids and madrasas.
  2. Also to save the Masjids, Madrasas and the Sunni students from the corrupt sects within Ahlus’Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.
  3. To reach far and end to those Masjids in which Madrasas are run parallelly and are left out with Ahlus’Sunnah to unite the Sunni students and make them join Kanzuliman Islamic Library from where their career orientation, counselling and quality education can be made available.

Er. Amir Hussain Tehsini Saheb, the General Secretary of Kanzuliman Islamic Library by profession a Software Engineer and Data Analysist is passionate about spreading the message of Aalahazrat and has devoted 15+ years’ of experience of closely working with prominent organizations and figures of Sunni Islam. A follower of sacred traditions, a follower of Ideas like Taleem (education), Ilm (knowledge) and Razawiyāt (RnD on literary works of Aalahazrat). An IT graduate and Masters in Business Administration and a product of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, had been associated with several MNCs of India, US and Australia and had served various core profiles in these corporates/ organizations. Born in Bareilly in 1990, Amir lived and travelled throughout India; the Middle East and Asia. He strongly believes in channelizing the energy of the youth towards constructive ideas of serving De’en also added 11 points from the Nisbat of Ghaus e Aazam’s 11vi Shareef: –

  1. Formal work/responsibilities distribution
  2. Fiscal Year work calendar planning
  3. The revenue model that will ultra-lead to self-generated funding
  4. Kanzuliman’s educational institution at Bareilly Shareef
  5. Social Media and digital marketing training to all members
  6. Collaboration and bilateral cooperation with other Sunni organisations to strengthen Kanzuliman’s presence as a prominent ‘MODEL’ for Ahlesunnah wal Jama’ah
  7. Islaah Ul Muslima - work & responsibilities
  8. Strategy for maximum utilisation of online membership registrations
  9. Media Coordination
  10. 25 Units/Branches before 100th Urs-e- Razawi
  11. Research Section - responsibility, curation and management

Janab Shams Tabrez our new branch convenor at Kanzuliman Islamic Library, Nellore,  Karnataka added

  1. The free distribution of Al-Quran – Kanzuliman during 100th Urs-e- Razawi.

Janab Yasir Raza the Head Curator (Literature & Research) at Kanzuliman Islamic Library by profession a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Department of Integral University, Lucknow, India. He is a known figure among the section of Sunnis closely associated with Taleem (education). He is famous for his research papers on Islamic and Technology published in various reputed National & International Journals. Yasir is also a registered member of IAENG (International Association of Engineers), Hong Kong, SESI (Solar Energy Society of India). His recent research paper on Razwiyāt was published in the International Journal of American Research Insitute for Policy Development Highlighted: –

  1. The importance of research on Aalahazrat, he gave a tour to our online research section and world’s first research journal on Aalahazrat (KAIOJR). Also, came forward as a curator for literary activities and representative of Kanzuliman at Integral University, Lucknow.

Round 2

After the discussion on Agenda, now Round – 2 ‘Distribution of Responsibilities’ was discussed and concluded with resolutions: –

  1. Campus secretaryAtif Mustafa Azhari: This role will cover the curation and execution of all activities of Kanzuliman at University/College level. In the beginning will start with AMU, Jamia Millia and Integral University. The campus secretary will coordinate with Dr Irfan Tehsini in AMU, Sayed Aqib Ali for Jamia Millia and Yasir Raza for Integral University and will ensure smooth functioning of all campus level activities in Shā Allah.
  2. Media Co-ordinatorEr. Maqsood Alam, Imran Khan, Usman Sahab: As an additional responsibility Er. Maqsood Alam Sahab will work in coordination with Imran Khan for Press releases and advice in Hindi Media and with Usman Sahab for English articles and PR.
  3. IT & Digital SectionAmir Hussain Tehsini, Shahbaz Raza Khan, Sahaba Shaikh: As an additional responsibility, Amir Hussain Tehsini will co-ordinate with Shahbaz for infographics, posters and designs and Social media marketing will co-ordinate with Sahaba Shaikh. He will also be responsible for all IT related requirements of Kanzuliman.
  4. Office operationsMoulana Rizwan Mansoori: Rizwan Mansoori is now being promoted from Librarian to the position of Operational Manager of Kanzuliman and will ensure smooth operations from Markazi office at Bareilly Shareef. Basis upon his performance he will keep getting a hike in his monthly salary in Shā Allah.
  5. Islah-ul-Muslima/Women Co-ordinatorShabana Shaikh, Anamta Fatima, Aalima Sahiba: This section will completely be owned and managed by Shabana Shaikh in coordination with Anamta Fatima and Aalima Sahiba at Kanzuliman without any interference from any male member.

Branch/Unit Heads and Co-ordinators:

  1. Bareilly Shareef – Aqib Raza and Faimy Tehsini will ensure Kanzuliman’s growth at Bareilly Shareef.
  2. Delhi - Saleem Tehsini – Will ensure Kanzuliman’s growth in Delhi and NCR and will coordinate with Usman Bhai, Haider Ali, Tabrez Ali, Aqib Ali and Saqib Azhari at Delhi. It is advised that a centre/office/library for Kanzuliman should be planned as soon as possible at Delhi.
  3. Aonla – Irfan Tehsini
  4. Banda – Yasir Raza and associates
  5. Shahjahanpur – Yasir Raza and members
  6. Makrana – Idress Noori Sahab - will be responsible for setting up branch/Unit in his area of influence.
  7. Jaipur – Amir Hussain Tehsini
  8. Nellore, Karnataka – Shams Tabrez will ensure Kanzuliman’s growth in South India and will coordinate with all nearby cities for Branches and Units.
  9. All Northeast – 7 states including Sikkim – Er. Maqsood Aalam – will be responsible for setting up branches/units in all 8 North-eastern States. Presently, planning to setup Kanzuliman at Imphal, Manipur and shall schedule travel plan very soon for other states too. In Shā Allah.


Work Calendar – FY 2018-2019

MonthIslamic MonthsActivitySPOC/Coordinator
AugustDhū al-Ḥijjah1.     Annual National Meet of Kanzuliman.

2.     Professionals Meet at all major cities.

3.     Audit and Next FY calendar planning.

Er. Maqsood Alam & Er. Amir Tehsini
SeptemberMuḥarram1.     Digital Campaign against all wrong practices associated with the month of Muharram.

2.     Small gatherings at respective locations on the importance of Muharram and Ashura

Atif Mustafa Azhari
OctoberṢafar1.     Digital Campaign on the Importance of ‘Fiqh’

2.     Digital Campaign on the importance for reading books

3.     A seminar for Aimma Hazraat of Mosques to train and motivate them for community representation in their respective areas.

Allama Shahrukh Sahab & Allama Rizwan Sahab in coordination with Shahbaz for designing.
NovemberRabī‘ al-Awwal1.     Seminar at Bareilly Shareef – The great writer of the 20th Century- Inauguration of research section and other related things.

2.     100th Urs celebration of Aalahazrat at all units & branches along with setting up of camp at Urs-e-Razawi, Bareilly Shareef.

3.     Naat competitions.

4.     Quiz on the Seerah of RasoolAllah ﷺ at all Branches and Units across India.

Dr. Aqib & Faimy Tehsini in co-ordination with whole team of Kazuliman.
DecemberRabī‘ ath-thānīCampaign on importance of education & Deen - digital & offline through career guidance camps and educational awareness programs.Er. Yasir Raza
JanuaryJumādá al-ūláA seminar on the importance of Taleem, Ilm and Razawiyā at all major brances/units and university campus.

Distribution of Islahi literature (specially of Maulana Tatheer Ahmad Sahab)

Er. Amir Tehsini in collaboration with Mawlana Tatheer Sahab & Afaq Hasan Barkati, Indore.





FebruaryJumādá al-ākhirahA seminar/gathering for Muslim women at Delhi and Bareilly Shareef including all major units and Branches.Sister Shabana Shaikh and Anaamta Fatima in collaboration with Aalima
MarchRajab1.     A campaign and public gathering on the significance of Awliya Ikram, etiquettes of visiting Shrines.

2.     A delegation visit to Ajmer Shareef followed by a Seminar at Ajmer Shareef.

Dr. Idrees Noori in collaboration with the entire team of Kanzuliman
AprilSha‘bān1.     Digital Campaign on the Importance and etiquettes of Ramadan  & the importance of Salaah, Saum (Roza) & Zakaat.

2.     Seminars/public gathering on the Importance and etiquettes of Ramadan & the importance of Salaah, Saum (Roza) & Zakaat at all major branches and Units across India.

All Unit /Branch heads.
MayRamaḍān1.     Membership & Fund raiser campaign for Kanzuliman.

2.     A digital campaign on Aqaid

3.     Roza Iftaar at all major branches and Units.

All unit/ branch heads
JuneShawwāl1.     A digital campaign on Islam & Women

2.     Small local gatherings /seminars for women

Sister Shabana Shaikh and Anaamta Fatima in collaboration with Aalima
JulyDhū al-Qa‘dah1.     Haj information and facilitation camp at all major units of Kanzuliman.

2.     Digital campaign on the Ahkaam and Masail of Haj.

3.     Free distribution of Haj guide at major airports.

All unit/ branch heads

Few updates with Kanzuliman Islamic Library and its last 7 months online services to Ahlus’Sunnah Wal Jamaah and Maslak-e-AalaHazrat.

  1. Free Quran Distribution across India

Kanzuliman Islamic Library is in a process of distributing copies of Quran-e-Paak for free, you can get your copy online, kindly visit our website http://www.kanzuliman.org/free-quran/

India's first website of its kind to provide the facility of online FATAWA (Islamic Decree) in English. Now one can ask a Mufti one’s Question related to Islam, Masaéel, Fatawa etc. An online Darul Ifta is available 24hours in service to all. Login now at http://www.kanzuliman.org/our-initiatives/darul-ifta/

Kanzuliman Islamic Library is providing free service online to the students’ wings for their career guidance like Student Coaching Centre, Student Counselling Centre, Skills Development Centre and Career Cells for more details visit http://www.kanzuliman.org/online-academy/

Not only here stops the convenience and facilities served to you by Kanzuliman Islamic Library, it also organises the Health Awareness Programm, Medical Camps for a better and healthy society.

  1. World’s first research library on Razawiyāt

Our online library has a facility of online chat, your language change options, translation option any many more. Visit our website and join us today just click on http://www.kanzuliman.org/join-us/

World’s first and largest compilation of Research and Development (R & D). A separate section and password protected online Research section for the students and learned scholars. An online store of Research papers, Technical Reports, PhD Thesis and many more for those who are keen about the Islamic History, Islamic Researches of Fiqh, Islamic Jurisprudence and the Scientific work of AalaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Alaihir’Rahma.

World’s first research library on Razawiyāt – Garnering academic excellence & research on Aalahazrat, Kanzuliman Islamic Library, Bareilly Shareef is all set with its research section having 100+ research articles & various thesis on Aalahazrat followed by an on research journal KAIOJR. The expected launch date is November 2018 on the occasion of 100th Urs anniversary of Aalahazrat.

  1. A section for Muslim Women - Islah-ul-Muslima

Keeping Shariyah on topmost, there is a separate section/ wing for Girls/ Ladies/ Women (Khawateen) in Kanzuliman Islamic Library now our Sisters-in-Islam has one-stop destination for Sunni Muslim Women, they can read books from our women’s section specially curated for our female members. Now our Sunni Khawateen can consult Aalima, seek advice and can get their queries answered related to Islam, Society, Marriage, Divorce, Healthcare, Birth etc.

Kanzuliman Islamic Library is the first online portal in the country to facilitate especially the women section for all their problems solutions. A dedicated team of Sunni Aalima and consultant are under a team to help our Muslim Women solutions to their unattained issues. Please don’t hesitate to ask us. To all our Sunni Muslim Girls/ Ladies/ Women join us now and visit our separate webpage designed for Khawateen under Islah-ul-Muslima.

We are also providing services like List of Sunni Educational Centres for Women, Skills Development Centres for Muslim Women, Jobs for Muslim Women @Kanzuliman, Matrimonial Service, Books for Muslim Women, Research @Kanzuliman and many more visit http://www.kanzuliman.org/islah-ul-muslima/

We at Kanzuliman Islamic Library at strict on Mazhab-e-Islam, Maslak-e-AalaHazrat and Shariyah, whatever we do we first consult with our Council of Ulama, Learned Islamic Scholars,  our Advisory Council of Intellectuals and then execute with our team for final execution. Ma’Sha’Allah.

You can find Kanzuliman Islamic Library on social media, you can like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kanzulimanLibrary/  follow us on Twitter@kanzuliman92 and Instagram - Kanzuliman_

The meeting was concluded by the evening after Namaj-e-Asar and free distribution of Quran Shareef among the members was distributed. Also, a token of gift was presented by Engineer Maqsood Alam, Advisory Council to every attendee in the Kanzuliman Planning Meet. The meeting was very successful covering the entire points of discussion, roles and responsibilities and new resolutions the for the year 2018-19.

List of attendees

01Engineer Maqsood AlamGangtok, Sikkim
02Mohammad Usman SaifiGhaziabad, U.P.
03Mohammad Saleem TehsiniZakir Nagar, New Delhi
04Engineer Waquar HussainRoorkee, Dehradun
05Irfan KhanBareilly, U.P.
06Mohammad YasirShahjahanpur, U.P.
07Qamar Ghulam UsmaniAmethi, U.P.
08Atif Mustafa AzhariAligarh, U.P.
09Mohammad RizwanBareilly, U.P.
10Sakib AnsariDelhi
11Dr Idris NooriMakrana, Rajasthan
12Ghulam Ghaus SiddiqiNew Delhi
13Aqib AliZakir Nagar, New Delhi
14Shahbaj Raza KhanNew Delhi
15Amir HussainBareilly, U.P.
16Syed. Mohammad SuhailZakir Nagar, New Delhi
17Mohammad AzimDaryaganj, New Delhi
18Amir HasanJogabai, New Delhi
19Shabana Seikh 


New Delhi

Prior to Namaz-e-Maghrib, a vote of thanks was delivered by Engineer Janab Amir Hussain Sahab and Duaa was offered at the closing of Meeting by Qamar Ghulam Usmani Saheb.

This report was compiled and prepared by

Engineer Maqsood Aalam Sahab

Advisory Council, Kanzuliman Islamic Library

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